• Molding Machine
    GUOWANG ECO developed patented machine called Mixed plastic waste extrusion and injection molding machines(combining special main extruder+injection system with bigger injection hole+press molding machine,fully automatic) through team 5 years hard working together with China famous university. Solution for your mixed plastic waste from life, industry and marine under the circumstances that the global waste plastics are difficult to recyce.
  • Auxiliary Machine
    Mixed plastic waste auxiliary machine is our supporting equipment. When you purchase our mixed plastic waste extrusion and injection molding machine, perhaps you need to buy plastic dryer, plastic water chiller, plastic crusher and others as below according to your mixed waste plastics status.
  • Compression mold
    GUOWANG ECO mixed plastic waste extrusion and injection molding machine can produce varieties of plastic products like all kinds of plastic pallets, plastic flower pots, plastic bricks and others. Below are compression molds of plastic products. You can find which one you prefer. We will design for you accordingly.
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