• Plastic Utilization
    Through years of research and development, GuoWang ECO Technology Co.,LTD has developed a variety of different extrusion and injection molding equipment for waste plastics in different types, such as single-station extrusion molding equipment for mixed waste plastics, and double-station extrusion molding equipment for mixed waste plastics. One-step extrusion molding equipment for mixed waste plastics, etc.
  • Auxiliary Machine
    In order to realize the recycling of mixed plastics waste, GuoWang ECO Technology Co.,LTD. has developed various auxiliary equipment to meet the requirements of cleaning, granulation and injection molding equipment.
  • Plastic Recycling
    GuoWang ECO Technology Co.,LTD is committed to the development, production and manufacturing of mixed waste plastic recycling and granulation products. Different cleaning production lines have been developed for different waste plastics. According to different plastics, corresponding pelletizing equipment has been developed.
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