Through years of research and development, GuoWang ECO Technology Co.,LTD has developed a variety of different extrusion and injection molding equipment for waste plastics in different types, such as single-station extrusion molding equipment for mixed waste plastics, and double-station extrusion molding equipment for mixed waste plastics. One-step extrusion molding equipment for mixed waste plastics, etc.

  • Clean Film Recycling Equipment
    The amount of clean film in life is very large. If you want to use it, you can break it into the required size with a film crusher. Then, the one-step film extrusion and injection molding equipment is used to directly make the product.There are two methods: one is to break directly with a crusher; The second is to directly extrude the film by one-step injection molding equipment to make products after cleaning and drying.
  • Non-clean Film Recycling Equipment
    The amount of non-clean film in daily life is very large. If you want to use it, you must clean the non-clean film to remove the dirt, greasy, stone, metal and other impurities in the plastic film. Then, there are two ways to remove the water and initially plasticize. One is the granulation with water granulator; the other is the use of a squeezer to remove the water in the film to below 4% of the water. The products are produced by adding directly to the extrusion injection molding machine.
  • Hard Plastic Recycling Equipment
    Clean hard waste plastics are widely used plastics. It is a relatively large type that is often recycled by recycling companies. Its production is relatively simple, that is, the waste plastic is crushed into the required particle size (5-6mm in diameter), directly added to the extrusion injection molding equipment, and it can be made into various required trays, cable box trays, and septic tanks. And other products. Non-clean hard products need to be washed, spin-dried and dried, and directly added to the extrusion injection molding equipment to make the required products.
  • Tetra Pak bags And Food Packaging Film recycling Utilization Equipment
    The rapid growth of milk packaging boxes (Tetra Pak), milk bags, food packaging films, etc. are getting larger and larger. Due to the particularity of the materials, they are composite films and are difficult to use. For this kind of material, I developed one-step equipment for milk cartons, food packaging paper and profile extrusion equipment.
  • Marine Garbage and Plastic Waste Recycling Equipment
    With the increasing world population and the large use of plastics, the amount of plastics waste in the ocean is increasing, which has seriously affected the growth and survival of marine organisms, and has attracted the great attention of people of insight. In order to solve the problem of marine plastic pollution, our company has developed different equipment for different materials and solved the problem of utilization of marine plastics waste . Marine films are mainly made of PA, PP and PE materials. During use, they must be cleaned and granulated, and then the products are made with extrusion and injection molding equipment.
  • Deposited Plastic Waste Recycling Equipment
    The bottom sinking material refers to the bottom sinking material when the film material is cleaned. If this material has a complex composition (PP, PE, PS, ABS, PA, etc.), if you want to use it, first dry the material and pass the same direction parallel twin screw It is mixed, plasticized, modified, and then extruded into the storage tank through a single screw. Injection into the compression mold to make products that are needed. Also known as sinking material one-step extrusion injection molding equipment.
  • Waste Textile Recycling Equipment
    According to incomplete statistics, more than 1 billion tons of old clothes in the world are dumped into landfills every year, generating 2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. What's more shocking is that by 2030, the impact of old clothes on climate warming will increase to 49%, and climate warming will make more and more polar bears homeless and even frequent forests extinct. Born on this blue planet, what can we do for polar bears? The Bureau of international recycling (BIR) studied at the University of Copenhagen, Sweden in 2008 and concluded that every kilogram of used clothes recycled can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 3.6kg. This means that without recycling every piece of old clothes, we can slow down the rate of global warming, and we have more hope of preserving a glacier for polar bears. In view of this, our company has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the research of recycling equipment. Developed a complete set of equipment for decorative plate.
  • Plastic Waste Building Materials Equipment
    Plastics can be seen everywhere in our daily lives. The needs of different countries and regions are different. We have developed different equipment to make bricks, tiles, pedestrian planks, septic tanks, manhole covers, etc. to meet different customer needs.
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