PET Mineral Water Bottle Flake Pelletizing Line

The main machine of the PET bottle flake recycling granulator is a twin-screw extruder, which has excellent mixing performance, good self-cleaning type, and flexible modular combination characteristics.

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Product description: The main function of the PET bottle flake waste plastic granulator is to recycle and granulate the cleaned and dried waste plastic, so that the waste plastic can be turned into plastic granules. The general plastic granulator is a link after the plastic recycling, crushing, cleaning and drying production line.

The co-rotating parallel twin-screw granulator is widely used. Because of its excellent mixing performance, good self-cleaning performance and flexible module combination, it can process various material systems.

(1) PET bottle flake granulator: PET intrinsic viscosity control is ideal, IV drop is small, chemical viscosity can be increased under the action of appropriate additives, and it is used for bottle blowing.

(II) Filling modification: The main applicable material is CaCO3 (calcium carbonate).

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Engineers are available to do serviceof installation and adjustingabroad;
Training &Technical instructing lessons shall be provide during installation;
Video instruction installation is also available if customer have professional technical engineers;
One year warranty is provided for customer.

Q: Can the machine recycle mixed waste plastics?
A:Our machine can recycle both single waste plastics and mixed waste plastics.
Q: What kind of products can be made by your machine?
A:Various of products such as pallets, containers, building bricks, walkway blocks can be made. What’s more, we can also design mould according to customer’s requirements.

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.