What is mixed waste plastic extrusion injection molding machine?

November 09 , 2020

GUOWANG ECO developed mixed waste plastics extrusion and injection molding machine through 5 years team hardworking research with China famous university, and we have applied patent for this machine in China.

As you know, now, most mixed waste plastics are difficult to recycle like landfill or incineration, which only part is used for power plant. Our machines are to solve this headach problem , perfect the earth environment, protect our homeland and create the considerable values .

Compared with traditional injection molding machines, our machine mainly uses mixed waste plastics as raw materials, which allows impurities existence and the moisture is below 3%.

The machine combined special conical twin-screw and barrel for melting mixed waste plastics and compression molding machine for forming plastic products you want. For more information, you can download our company catalogue on our website.

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