Features and Adavantages of mixed waste plastic extrusion and injection molding machine

December 28 , 2020

 Mixed waste plastic extrusion and injection molding machine is different traditional injection molding machine, which combines special main extruder, injection system with bigger injection hole+press molding machines.

Features and Advantages

1. There is no need to sort waste plastics, as long as they are clean and dry, beautiful products can be made;

2. Due to the use of unusable waste plastics, the material cost is low and the competitive advantage is obvious;

3. The equipment has a compact structure, a small floor area, a high degree of automation, and fewer people;

4. Low requirements for workshops, less electricity and energy saving;

5. As long as the mold is changed, a variety of products can be made to meet the needs of all walks of life;

6. Due to physical recycling, there is little environmental pollution.

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